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 Niños Héroes

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Kids Reading to Kids is a national program for character development and reading improvement. Based upon the unique Kids Reading to Kids methodology that centers on the concept that “The Power is in the Kids,” Kids Reading to Kids focuses on preparing kids for the learning experience by developing self-confidence and the inner drive to succeed.  Often improvement is dramatic and rapid.

Kids Reading to Kids provides a comprehensive training program for educators, parents and kids.

  Niños Héroes - A Kids Reading to Kids Program in Puerto Rico
A Collaboration with Chicola y la Ganga (Chicola TV)

Niños Héroes is an exciting new education program first introduced at Luis Lloréns Torres Elementary School in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Teachers who have participated in the pilot-project tell us that it has demonstrated the power to transform underachievers with dramatic results. The project is described in a DVD that tells their story. (Request the Lloréns Torres DVD). You can see the Lloréns Torres project in action in a television special documentary to be aired on WAPA (channel 4) on October 21st, 2006 at 9:00am.

Chicola y la Ganga (a children's educational television program airing continuously for more than 24 years and produced by Chicola TV) is assisting in establishing additional pilot projects across the island. For classrooms or schools that extend a pilot project to a total of ten or more classroom sessions of 30 minutes each, may have there achievements documented for television to be aired on future segments of Chicola y la Ganga. If you would like to talk more about establishing a pilot project for your classroom or school (pre-kindergarten through grade 3) in Puerto Rico, email reading@chicola.tv.

Kids Reading to Kids is providing services and materials to schools in Puerto Rico at no cost through the assistance of generous sponsors and donors who are committed to better education in Puerto Rico.


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