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Kids Reading to Kids is a national program for character development and reading improvement. Based upon the unique Kids Reading to Kids methodology that centers on the concept that “The Power is in the Kids,” Kids Reading to Kids focuses on preparing kids for the learning experience by developing self-confidence and the inner drive to succeed.  Often improvement is dramatic and rapid.

Kids Reading to Kids provides a comprehensive training program for educators, parents and kids.

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Kids Reading To Kids books are illustrated with pictures of real kids in reading and other settings. These pictures are graphically altered to conform to the watercolor-style of the publications. You may submit a photo for possible inclusion in a future Kids Reading to Kids book. If your picture is selected for possible use it will be featured in the Kids Reading to Kids photo gallery. If the photo is used in a Kids Reading to Kids book, you will receive 20 copies of the book free of charge. To submit a book, complete this form.

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