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Kids Reading to Kids is a national program for character development and reading improvement. Based upon the unique Kids Reading to Kids methodology that centers on the concept that “The Power is in the Kids,” Kids Reading to Kids focuses on preparing kids for the learning experience by developing self-confidence and the inner drive to succeed.  Often improvement is dramatic and rapid.

Kids Reading to Kids provides a comprehensive training program for educators, parents and kids.

  Kids Reading to Kids Books  
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Kids Reading To Kids books are focused on beginning and early readers through grade 4. They are designed, tested and validated for use in building the new reader's confidence and reading skills. The books are tailored for Kids Reading To Kids school programs; and for in-home reading programs. Some Kids Reading To Kids books are bi-lingual, with text in English and Spanish on adjacent pages, and are particularly useful in Spanish emersion programs. Kids Reading To Kids books are available from this website, www.booksurge.com/bookstorewww.Amazon.com and popular bookstores. Learn more about purchasing books.  Special order books are also available. Kids Reading To Kids takes advantage of print-on-demand technologies to create customized books for individual schools. Learn more about books customized to your school and students.

Kids Reading to Kids books improve reading and character development by creating a nurturing and motivating environment for the beginning reader. Learn more about this approach. The books take a somewhat non-traditional approach to children's readers, avoiding fictional characters and settings, and cartoon-style illustrations. Rather, the principal character generally is a beginning reader who the reader can relate to quickly. Illustrations focus on real beginning readers. The books emphasize nurturing the beginning reader through positive feedback and accomplishment. Character development is a key aspect of every story. Books are tested and validated in classroom settings before publishing.

Kids Reading to Kids books are written specifically for beginning readers through grade four; and are especially useful for kids who may be reading below grade-level. The books have the greatest value when used in an environment where the beginning reader reads to a younger non-reader age one through kindergarten. To understand the value of this approach see The Kids Reading to Kids Phenomenon.

About the Author
Norma Krasinski is the cofounder of Kids Reading to Kids. She is a national award-winning writer and producer of children’s television programs, including a series that has aired successfully for more than 25 years.

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